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This is a survey about sparetime activities, that our students replied to, before the 1st meeting in Czech Republic.

A full sparetime = A better life?

When you are a child and a young person, you fill up your life with lots of activities. Afternoons and evenings are spent on hobbies, sports or maybe an afternoon job. Also some teens have extra school, because they need to improve and get the best grades. 

Are we adults pushing our children to do something, because we think that if they are not active, they will just be lazy and do nothing? Is it not okay, just to listen to music, read a book, paint a picture... Being alone does not necessarily means being lonely. 

It is important to create a schedule where you balance being active and social, and being by yourself. Too many teens are stressed today.. They are being pushed from all sides; parents, friends, influencers, idols... They think they have to look in a certain way, eat in a certain way, dress in a certain way... And they become stressed by this.. 

So, it is very important that you:

Socialize with people who do you good

Get time on your own, so you can relax

Do the things that make you happy

Be yourself!

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