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6th International Meeting

The meeting took place in November 2022 in Nazilli, Türkiye
The topic was Health, and it was the very last mobility with students.

Program of the week.

Still due to Covid-19, we had to limit our stay at the school. So therefore it was decided to learn and train elsewhere, to avoid too much contact with students not participating in the project. However we were lucky to be able to have hostfamilies.

SUNDAY - Arrivals


  • Welcoming Ceremony at the Town Hall 

  • Lunch at the city center

  • Sports activities at school (students)

  • Meeting with Contact Teachers

  • Free time at the city center


  • Preparing tables – Each country brings their own traditional medicines-oils and prepare their own corner 

  • Each delegation explains those traditional techniques (ppt 10 min max)

  • Lunch break – A traditional cuisine ‘Noah’s pudding’ or ‘Ashoura’ 

  • Workshop: A show on 3 different traditional medicine techniques

  • City tour


  • Leaving Nazilli

  • Hiking in Kuşadası

  • Free time in Kuşadası

  • Lunch

  • A guided tour in Ephesus - feel the history

  • Check-in the hotel in İzmir



  • Visiting Seferihisar

  • FitoSofia: Workshop on Phytotheraphy 

  • Lunch 

  • Guided tour - Urla


  • A short walk by the sea

  • Visiting Kemeraltı 

  • Free time

  • Final Dinner

SATURDAY - Departure

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