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Learning, Teaching, Training 
Transnational Project Meeting

We are going to have 6 learning/teaching/training activities throughout the 3 years that the project will

last. At these meetings, both a group of students and a group of teachers will take part.

As the aim of the project is the exchange of good practices and creating products in international

scope, the learning/teaching and training activities in the international meetings are obviously

necessary. The work in the different countries around the same topics needs a common conclusion

which will happen at the meetings. The debate among participants about one agenda prepared in

advance will be a unique way of creating this international scope and raising the idea of belonging to

an only community: the European Union. Aspects such as knowledge of culture, the practice of

language, knowledge of other educational systems, personal motivation to participate in international

projects, new pedagogical methods, and reinforcement of connection between different

organizations will be possible in creating the suitable framework in these international learning,

teaching or training activities.

All activities during these 3 years will contribute to fulfilling the project objectives and results.

Below a schedule of what was our plan from the beginning:

1st International Meeting in the Czech Republic - November 2019

Topic: Friendships across borders (spare time, sports, presentations on our schools)

Activities: Presentations on schools and countries, videos/vlogs, interviews, sports events, debates

on spare time and motivation.

Presentation on migration to open the next topic in Denmark

2nd International meeting in Denmark - March 2020 (Cancelled due to Covid-19)

Topic: Inclusion (socially vulnerable/refugees/migrants/disabled children/young people)

Activities: Presentations from students on inclusion in their schools. Debating social inclusion,

interviews, team building with refugees & migrants, creating magazine no 1.

Presentation on culture and tradition from a European perspective, to open the next topic in Croatia.

3rd International meeting in Croatia - October 2020

Topic: European citizenship (Culture & tradition)

Activities: Art, music, dances, food. Debate on the importance of teenagers’ understanding of own

culture & tradition and why it’s important to share. APP contest

Presentation on the importance of education, as a teaser for the meeting in Portugal.

4th International meeting in Portugal - March 2021 (Conducted in Brussels)

Topic: European citizenship (Education and job possibilities around the EU)

Activities: Creation of Europass and other CV’s, studying opportunities throughout our countries and

the rest of Europe. Debate unemployment and need of skills in the 21st century. Creation of the 2nd

magazine. Portfolio exhibition.

Presentation on social media, to open the next topic in Italy

5th International Meeting in Italy - October 2021

Topic: Friendship across borders (Social media's influence in teenagers’ lives)

Activities: Debating the use of social media/ways of communication, interviews, an exhibition with

photos, disconnect-and-talk-experience

Presentation on healthy living as an introduction to the meeting in Turkey


6th International Meeting in Turkey - April 2022

Topic: Health (a healthy mind in a healthy body). Finalizing the project with multiplier event

Activities: Debating what a healthy body is, interviews, vlogs, being creative with food. Creating the

3rd magazine

Final event to close the international meeting

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