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A Better Life Magazine

One of the main results of this project, is the 3 issue magazine. 
The magazine can be used in the classroom - for example during English lessons. It can also just be read at home. It is your choice.





Students and teachers have worked together on the 3 magazines you can read below. They have worked during the 40 months that the project lasted. It has been a cooperation across borders.

The objectives for creating the magazines are:

- Reinforcement of cooperation with partners from other countries and other education sectors

- Use of ICT

- Increased competences in the English language

- An improved understanding with students on different minority groups in society

- Greater understanding and responsiveness of students to social, ethnic, linguistic and cultural 

  diversity in and outside of Europe

- A greater sense of European identity

- More positive attitude of students towards the European project and the EU values

You can use the content of the magazines in lessons or just read them for fun!

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