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Et klasseværelse Foredrag

Stronger Together

Welcome to the website of an Erasmus+ project: A Better Life

Our aim is to bring people together, learn about different aspects in life, so life can become as good as possible.

This site is created to inspire Teens & Teachers

How can this site help you?

Are you a student?
Here on this site, you can be inspired to join the Erasmus+ programme. Maybe your institution already is enrolled, or if not, maybe you can tell them about this great opportunity. Please look around - there might be interesting articles - or even new receipts for you to try.

Are you a teacher?

We have created a "teacher" section. Here you will find some lessonplans that you can implement into your curriculum. You can also use our magazines, articles, vlogs and so on, for your own teaching practice. We also hope that we can inspire you to take part in an Erasmus+ Project, as it is very giving. ENJOY!

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